2020 APNN

& IConWiST

Alliance for Women in STEM –
Making Change for an Inclusive Society

OCTOBER 24 - 25, 2020

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1. E-Handbook (including all ppt’s)
2. 2020 APNN & IConWiST Photos   
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Announcements in November(十一月公告)
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Latest Announcement
**Event starts at 2020/10/24 9:00 A.M. (GMT+8)
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Notice to all Chairs and Co-chairs
  1. An E-Handbook containing the CVs & Biographies of all speakers will be sent to you around Oct. 20.

  2. Please prepare your introduction materials according to the following sequences:

    • Titles related to INWES and APNN and the WSTEM group

    • Titles affiliated to speakers’ professional work

    • Other important participations selected by your own

  3. The introduction should be completed within 1 minute.

  4. The large screen in the Conference room will also show the titles of the speaker.

  5. Please check the attached agenda for introduction assignment with the letter of Chair’s or Co-chair’s last name in the 1st column.

  6. The Chair or Co-chair personally in the Conference room should take care of the Questions from the audience. The other one online should pay attention to Questions from “Chat” section on the screen and pass the proper questions to the Chair/Co-chair in the meeting room  (Working team member in the back stage will also help to collect Q’s from the “Chat” section).

  7. Please remind the participants to introduce oneself (name and affiliation) before raising Questions. One question is limited to 2-3 minutes (a volunteer will set the timer at 2/3/5 min to remind the speaker).

  8. The lectures of keynote speakers are limited to 20 min (a volunteer will set the timer at 17/20/22 mins to remind the speaker). The other talks are limited to 10-12 min (a volunteer will set the timers at 9/12/14 min to remind the speaker).

  9. Three Q&A sessions are arranged. One is from 1700 to 1730 on 10/24 and the others are from 1110 to 1140 and 1500 to 1520 on 10/25. 

 10. If all the speakers completed their speeches ahead of the schedule, the floor will be opened

      for Q&A till the end of the session.

Announcements in OCTOBER(十月公告)
  1. For your information, we now have roughly 250 international registrants from more than 20 countries.

  2. Conference venue: Room 507, New Taipei City Hall

  3. Wearing a mask is necessary at all time in the building of city hall.

  4. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, food and beverages are not allowed during the conference.  However, water dispenser for cold and hot water will be provided.

  5. Both Lunch and Gala dinner will be served by catering in the 8F garden hall. Lunch boxes are not allowed in the conference room. 

  6. When taking seats, keeping a social distance is highly suggested unless you know the person sitting next to you.

  7. An open floor is designed for short free speeches during the break time on both days.  Everyone is welcomed to deliver one’s opinion.  International participants are encouraged to send video tapes in advance.

  8. Simultaneous translation (English-Chinese) is available during Sessions 1 and 6-8, not for Sessions 2-5. However, Panels 3 & 4 of Session 7 in small room 403 & 401, simultaneous translation will not be provided either due to lack of facilities.  In these 2 rooms, Chair may help the translation if necessary.  Please check out the headset for translation  on registration desk.

  9. Online link for international participants will be announced later on this website.

Announcements in OCTOBER(十月公告)
Click here to check the List of Accepted Poster Presentations.
Announcements in SEPTEMBER(九月公告)
2020 IConWiST & APNN Organizing Committee will send a webinar link to applicants one week before the conference.
Announcements in July(七月公告)

The 2020 APNN & IConWiST is scheduled to be held in New Taipei City Hall during Oct. 24-25 in 2 ways: in-person and on-line participation. 


Only those who have registered can join the conference online with special link. 


Registration fee for online participants is waived. All registration fees for in-person participation are reduced to half of the original price announced. International attendees can pay the registration fees (US $30 or NT 1500) on-site during the Conference.  



A regional affiliation of International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists, Asia and Pacific Nation Network (APNN) was established in Busan, Korea in 2009 in order to serve as a platform for Asian women scientists and engineers to exchange information such as Asian women scientists’ organisations and policies and current situation in every member country. 

Prof. Chia-Li Wu


2020 APNN Meeting & IConWiST

Chair of APNN (2018-2020)



INWES is a global network of organizations of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), reaching over 60 countries worldwide. INWES is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Directors representing organization, corporate, University/Institute, and individual memberships.


Saturday, October 24

Opening Ceremony, APNN Meeting

Sunday, October 25

Conference Sessions, Closing Ceremony

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2020 IConWiST & APNN Organizing Committee @Taipei, Taiwan

Email: apnn2020.taiwan@gmail.com

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