2020 International Conference on Women in Science and Technology (IConWiST) and
Asia and Pacific Nation Network (APNN) Meeting

Call for Poster Abstracts


** Online Poster Session ** 

Poster Abstracts are invited for the 2020 International Conference on Women in Science and Technology (2020 IConWiST).
Posters will be displayed outside the main conference room for the entire conference period (Oct. 24-25) and there will also be a ‘poster session’ where authors will be required to attend their poster to answer queries relating to the work presented.

The poster format can be downloaded below. 

Poster size: 90 cm (W) x 120 cm (L)

Key Dates for Poster Presentations:


Poster template (download):

Conference Topic Areas:

1. STEM Women at Work

  • Regional or national statistical surveys on the career status of women in STEM (區域或國家的科技女性職場現況統計調查)

  • Gender equality or inclusion measures/policies in the STEM workplaces (科技職場的性別平等或包容措施/政策)

  • Related researches on women's leadership in STEM (女性在科技職場的領導相關研究)

  • Women's career advancement in STEM (女性在科技職場的晉升)

  • Career status of women in certain special STEM fields (女性在較特殊科技領域的職場現況)

  • Legal aspects involving women in STEM workplace (科技女性在職場可能涉及的法律層面)


2. Gender Perspectives for Sustainability

  • Women's participation in energy saving and carbon reduction (女性在節能減碳領域的參與)

  • Women's sustainable actions in daily life (女性在日常生活面向的永續作為)

  • Women and renewable energy technologies (女性與綠能科技)

  • Related researches on sustainable commitment from gender perspective (男女在永續行為的相關議題)

3. Gendered Innovation in STEM

4. Gender Perspectives in STEM Education

  • Gender-related observations, researches or innovative practices in technology 
    education/cultivation (科技教育/培育中有關性別面向的觀察、研究或創新做法)

5. STEM Women Networking

  • Introduction of various STEM groups for women (各類女性科技團體的介紹)

  • Good practices/activities from women STEM groups (女性科技團體值得介紹的特別做法/活動)

Abstracts Format:

1. Introduction or background
2. Methods or approach
3. Results
4. Conclusions
5. 300 words minimum

Abstracts should be typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman. Fit on one A4 page.
Please include an abstract title, author(s) full names, affiliated institution(s) and contact details (including email). 
Please underline the presenting author(s).


To Submit:

Please send your poster abstracts to apnn2020.taiwan@gmail.com

with a subject of “[Poster Abstracts]-your Name”. Please make sure you type the name exactly the same as your registration information, so that we can identify your abstract submission correctly.


Please Note:

  • A decision regarding each abstract will be notified to the presenting author.

  • A few poster presenters will be selected as Session Panelists.


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15 September 2020

30 September 2020

Deadline of abstract submission

Deadline of poster submission

*Note: The Conference organizer will print out the posters. Please submit your poster in pdf file with the poster size 90 cm in width and 120 cm in length.

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